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July 2013 Newsletter

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How to Build Effective Dashboards

The purpose of dashboards and scorecards is to provide key stakeholders with a high-level overview of their organization’s performance based on various metrics or KPI’s; however, different users within some organizations request different types of data to be displayed, which eventually leads to the dashboard being difficult to read and filled with non-critical data. When [...]

Best Practices for Budgeting and Planning

The rapidly changing business environment constantly challenges companies urging them to look for more effective business practices. What are the main factors and limitations needed to be taken into consideration for a successful budgeting and planning processes? For an effective planning and budgeting process, the following should be properly determined: Budget process definition The right [...]

How a Corporate Performance Solution can improve your Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) Planning

Capital expenditure planning can be an important part of an organization’s budgeting process. The need to effectively plan capital purchases and depreciation can be critical with maintaining accurate budgeting and forecasting throughout the fiscal year. Despite the importance of maintaining effective capital expenditure plans, many firms may find the process tedious or cumbersome. This can [...]

IBM Clarity: What you need to consider when upgrading or choosing a new CPM solution

It is up to an organization to adapt to and embrace technology in a way that adds value through improved efficiency, reduced costs and value-added service to customers. Many companies require their business systems to be running only versions of software that are fully supported by their vendor. In many circumstances, we find that companies [...]

How Corporate Performance Management can Improve HR Planning

Organizations, now more than ever are trying to determine the impact that their HR planning has on corporate performance. In fact, the correlation between effective HR management and an organization’s performance is obvious: appointing and managing the right talent with the right compensation and position is paramount in achieving a positive shift in performance. The [...]

Benefits of using a Corporate Performance Management Solution

Many organizations today are faced with various business challenges. From increasing sales to enhancing productivity, these challenges inadvertently affect an organization’s overall performance and bottom line. Without the presence of clearly defined goals and metrics, it would be quite a difficult task to dissect the vast amount of data available in order to determine if [...]

Thomson Reuters Elite Vantage 2013 – Worldwide Conference

As a proud partner of Thomson Reuters Elite, Obero Solutions is pleased to announce that we will be attending the Vantage 2013 conference being held from June 24th-27th in Miami, Florida! Visit our booth (#951) to meet our team members to learn about our dedicated Thomson Reuters Elite services for Clarity, including: 3E and Enterprise [...]

XBRL, a Headache that won’t go away

Many XBRL filers have unknowingly exposed their companies to litigation risk…don’t be one of them. Inaccurate filings of XBRL, 10-Q/Ks, and annual reports can cost companies millions in fines, litigation, and lost market cap. Start building an effective strategy for XBRL compliance during this informative webcast. Understand current and future XBRL compliance requirements, deadlines, and [...]

Key Issues with using Excel for Budgeting, Forecasting and Financial Reporting

Are you still using Excel spreadsheets to manage your budgeting, forecasting and financial reporting requirements? If so, you are not alone. Many corporations continue to use Excel as their “go-to” solution for managing these essential performance indicators. Although this solution may seem sufficient, in reality, it can result in several inefficiencies that inevitably will warrant [...]