IBM Clarity 7 integrates financial budgeting, planning, reporting, consolidations, analytics, scorecards and dashboards in one single, unified Excel compatible web application.  Acquired by IBM as part of their suite of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) products, IBM Clarity 7 offers many features and benefits.

Key Features:
  • Unified solution that does not require additional modules
  • Utilizes your existing database
  • Supports OLAP and relational data in the same application
Business Benefits:
  • Web based solution with MS Excel look and feel for ease of use
  • Allows users to create templates/reports in MS-Excel and publish them to the web
  • Flexible data model that can be easily configured to meet your business requirements
Our Services for IBM Clarity 7:

Obero’s Management team are ex-Clarity Systems executives. Many of Obero Consultants are also ex-Clarity Systems consultants. Simply put, we are IBM’s go-to partner for Clarity services and have more experience than any other professional services organization. Some of our services for Clarity include:

  • Upgrade to Clarity 7
  • Design/Development of new Templates/Reports including dashboards
  • Database/Cube development
  • Performance Optimization
  • What if Modeling
  • Clarity 7 Studio training
  • Best Practices review
  • Production Support

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