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Budgeting, Forecasting, and Reporting for Law firms is very different than other industries.  Delbridge knows this as it is working with over 40 of the top AM LAW 100 firms.  We have implemented database driven solutions which help law firms de-centralize their budgeting process by allowing Office Managers to input expenses and also calculate revenue by timekeeper.  This allows for a streamlined process where Office Managers can input their budget/forecast in their local currency while corporate can report on consolidated data in the firm currency.

Our Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting solutions for the Legal Industry allow Finance departments to input:

  • Expenses by GL Account
  • Employee Compensation data and allow the solution to calculate expenses such as Benefits, Bonuses, Taxes based on drivers
  • Budget timekeeper revenue based on hours and rates
  • Capital expenses while allowing the solution to calculate depreciation based on various depreciation methods
  • View variance reports, WIP, and A/R
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